What a waste of money - Royalties for Regions money spent on town sculpture

19th October 2009 - The Greens have condemned the Government for spending Royalties for Regions money on a sculpture in Bunbury (as declared in a media statement by Minister Castrilli today).

“What a total waste of money” said Mining and Pastoral MP Robin Chapple MLC.

“I simply cannot believe that with so many people in regional WA living in third world conditions, the Government thinks the best way to spend money earmarked for the regions is to restore a sculpture.”

“Western Australians rightly assume that Royalties for Regions money will be spent in a way that actually enhances living standards in the regions and delivers projects and infrastructure that the regions are crying out for.”

“People who voted for the Nationals must be extremely disappointed by this recent example of Royalties for Regions spending.”

“This clearly demonstrates the problems with the Government’s Royalties for Regions legislation. The legislation does not require Royalties for Regions money to be spent on projects or causes that enhance living conditions in regional WA in a meaningful way.”

“Instead, the legislation allows Royalties for Regions money to be spent on anything that tickles the Minister’s fancy, whether it addresses decreased living standards suffered by people living in the regions or not.”

“For this reason I have moved amendments to the Royalties for Regions Bill that will require the Minister to give preference when spending Royalties for Regions funds to those projects or causes that will ‘enhance basic living needs including health services, housing availability and education availability’.”

“I believe this is what voters thought they were getting when they voted for Royalties for Regions. I also believe that this is the way in which the people of metropolitan WA expect 25% of the State’s mining and petroleum royalties to be spent.”

“Without amendments to control the way in which the Minister can spend Royalties for Regions funds, we will continue to see money intended to enhance the regions, being spent on such ridiculous things as sculptures.”

  • For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263
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