Container Deposit Scheme - 10 cents to recycle your cans and bottles

Waste is an issue that effects all sectors of society. The Greens (WA) are working to enhance recycling efforts and reduce our dependence on virgin and single-use resources.  

Now is the time to implement a container deposit scheme (CDS) and Robin will continue to work on this issue as we push for action at both state and federal levels. In 2018 a Waste Avoidance Resource Recovery Amendment (Container Deposit) Bill was introduced to State Parliament. WA’s CDS is expected to be in operation by 2020, and a draft position statement is available to the public.   

South Australia introduced its CDS in 1977 and boasts a container return rate of 76.9%. NSW and NT also have CDSs in place to help preserve our resources and our environment. Recyclable containers currently comprise 35.2% of all litter in WA and if we continue to wait for a national scheme, we could find ourselves waiting a very long time. 

Now is the time for Western Australia to implement a CDS and take a serious stance on waste management and our environment.

The benefits of a CDS:

For more information on the Greens WA policies regarding waste management click here.

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