Voluntary Euthanasia

The Greens Position:

The Greens (WA) seek to save and preserve life however, we do not believe in forcing people to endure under conditions of suffering at the end-point of their life. When people have a terminal illness, and are suffering to such an extent that they no longer wish to have their lives prolonged, they should be able to access a peaceful death under the supervision of consenting medical practitioners, and with their families in attendance. This is about dignity and essentially, compassion.


The Greens (WA) believe:

  • People diagnosed with a terminal illness should be able to die with dignity.
  • Adults should be able to make informed choices regarding their own care and treatment for terminal illness.
  • Hospitals and doctors should be able - without compunction - to support people in their choice of treatments.

Euthanasia and Western Australia:

Greens MP Robin Chapple first attempted to introduce assisted-dying legislation in 2002, and again in 2010, although both attempts were unsuccessful. However, with the ongoing and rigorous cumulative efforts of the Greens and MP Robin Chapple, two decades later, WA is now closer than ever to achieving this long-awaited reform.

WA parliamentary-appointed Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choice - of which Hon Robin Chapple MLC was a member - participated in providing over 800 submissions and 80 personal hearings. ‘My life, My Choice,’ was recently presented to Parliament after committee members personally heard a wide range of opinions from many sectors of the community. The contents of this presentation embodies decades of work by The Greens (WA), and by the wider Australian community, to provide people who are suffering at the end of their lives with a compassionate and dignified option.

‘My Life, My Choice’ outlines several recommendations pertaining to death; dying; palliative care; the rights of patients and doctors; and the necessary legislative processes in relation to these issues. Specifically, the committee found that a prolonged death from a terminal, chronic or neurological condition can have a devastating effect not only on patients, but also understandably on their families. In light of this, for patients enduring grievous and irremediable suffering as a result of a terminal condition, voluntary assisted dying should be an option.

The Greens (WA) strongly welcomed the findings and recommendations handed down by the WA Parliament’s End of Life Choices Committee and the government’s subsequent decision to legalise voluntary assisted dying in WA based on these recommendations. For specific details regarding the report and Robin Chapple’s ‘Dying with Dignity’ portfolio, please follow the link: http://www.robinchapple.com/dying-dignity. The Dying with Dignity Policy is available below.

The McGowan Government announced in November 2018 that they will introduce a Bill into State Parliament to legalise voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia, expected to be released in early 2019. The Bill will be developed under the consultation of a panel of experts to provide advice to government on a safe and compassionate framework for voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia.

The Greens (WA) are absolutely committed to allowing people choice at the end of their life, which we believe is the compassionate way forward.

Greens MP Robin Chapple:

“WA has a unique opportunity to finally allow for compassion, dignity and respect for terminally ill people.”

Dying with Dignity policy ratified by The Greens (WA) in 2017

Download the Dying with Dignity Policy (PDF 75.25 KB)

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