March 22, 2004 - A press release and announcement from Hon Kim Chance MLC today has indicated that GM crop production in WA is now banned, with the exception of the finalisation of current trials.

This quite clearly means that GM cotton production in the Kimberley is now dead and buried. It means that Western Australia is now, after significant Greens pressure, to become GM free.

This decision is in contrast to the activities of the Office of Major Projects, under Hon Clive Brown's control, which have actively been pursuing and financing the development of a GM cotton industry in the Kimberley.

'Without this general order from the Government, the State would have lost control of future applications for GM technology, because the Federal system is de-regulated once crops are approved', said Robin Chapple MLC.

'I congratulate the Government for protecting our 'Clean Green' image as immensely important and of significant economic value' said Mr Chapple.

A recent standing committee found that the co-existence of GM and non-GM crops without cross contamination could be very difficult, if not impossible.

Mr Chapple stated, 'We will continue to monitor the GM Crops Free Area Act to ensure that its approach is not watered down in the future'

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