State Government’s fracking inquiry grossly underfunded

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Greens WA have called for the Government to increase funding for their current fracking inquiry after parliamentary probing revealed the study’s limited resources last night.

WA Greens Mining & Petroleum spokesperson Mr Chapple said it was critical the study into hydraulic fracture stimulation and its potential environmental effects be properly financed or it will run the risk of losing credibility.

 “It was revealed through questioning that the inquiry has been allocated a concerning lack of resources, with less than $600,000 available,” Mr Chapple said.

“$600,000 is not a lot when you consider the economically smaller Northern Territory put aside more than $3 million for their fracking inquiry.

“Without adequate funding the panel won’t be able to undertake the thorough consultation and research hydraulic fracking needs. 

“They will begin to rely on public servants, which will raise further questions on the inquiry’s independence.

“If the budget for this inquiry is not significantly expanded, it is in very serious danger of becoming a rubber stamp.”

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