Small scale solar saved, RET still clouded with uncertainty

Tuesday, March 17

WA Greens spokesperson on renewable energy Robin Chapple MLC has renewed concerns about the future of the renewable energy industry after a federal government announcement this week brought nothing new to the ongoing RET debate.

Mr Chapple said the federal government’s proposal of 31,000 gigawatt hours, the same target rejected by the opposition last week, was a stall-out move and showed they were not serious about a deal on large-scale renewable energy.

He also said the WA state government needed to stop palming all responsibility off to the federal government and show more leadership on renewable energy.

“Neither our state or federal governments have shown any real inclination to take a strong line on renewable energy,” he said.

“We’ve seen a massive decrease in investment already in the one year of insecurity caused by the federal government’s lack of solidarity with the industry.

“The federal government seems determined to kill the industry through prolonging insecurity meanwhile our state government marches ahead in support of dinosaur projects completely oblivious of the renewable sector.

“What Australia needs right now is strong, forward-thinking leadership in this area and all we’ve got is backwards thinking yes-men terrified of real change.”

Despite these concerns, Mr Chapple said he was ecstatic the government had finally conceded to no changes to small-scale solar.

The government has also agreed to remove the requirement for two-yearly RET reviews and make no changes to the deeming arrangements or the 100kw threshold.

“These decisions will provide much needed security to the home solar market,” he said.

“Unfortunately for WA, the Energy Minister Mike Nahan has indicated electricity costs could rise for those customers with solar installations.

“West Australians who have invested money in renewable energy when our government continues to do nothing should not be punished for doing so.”

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