September 9, 2003 - Greens (WA) industrial development spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC accused Royal Dutch/Shell Group of being hypocrites yesterday when they said it was very pleased with the go-ahead in principle for Gorgon gas development on Barrow Island.

Only a month ago, Chairman, Sir Philip Watts, gave a public statement, that 'Our natural world is a very precious resource and one which we must all work to protect 1' . He ended that speech by stating 'As businesses, institutions and as individuals we all have a duty of care for our natural world - an obligation to protect and preserve its splendour and diversity'

'We have strong environmental support against building the Gorgon project on Barrow Island and we have Sir Philip Watts only a month ago, claiming we all had a duty of care to protect our environment.' Yesterday, it seems, Shell did a backflip' stated Robin Chapple MLC.

'In 1908 Barrow Island was protected as 'an absolute fauna and flora reserve for all time,2' Mr Chapple said. 'Shell Group claim they are committed to respecting protected areas. Are they saying that Barrow Island is not a resource precious enough to be protected?,' he questioned.

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