Robin Chapple says a Jadestone oil should be held accountable

WA Greens MLC Robin Chapple says Jadestone oil should be held accountable over recent spill


WA Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple, says Jadestone’s recent spill at their Stag oilfield platform requires a full investigation by Australia’s offshore oil authority (NOPSEMA).


Mr Chapple has spoken generally of the company’s claim that only 73.5 litres of oil being spilt as “highly dubious” after online comments from employees put the amount at over 10,000 litres.


“We are looking at a four kilometres pipe which is listed on their website as being eight inches in diameter, at full capacity that’s over 125,000 litres of oil that was allowed to seep into the ocean over three days – maybe even more”


“I have legitimate doubts over the reporting by Jadestone - this is the same mob that were issued multiple safety notices on their Montara platform last year and the disastrous spill and blaze on the same platform in 2009”


“This is another multinational not based in WA or even Australia with serious management problems that we will be forced to bear the burden of, which in this period of economic stress, is simply not good enough”


Mr Chapple has voiced serious concern over threatened wildlife species including thousands of turtles that are currently present in the area for mating.


“The ocean is buzzing with life during this time of year and the ecological risk this leak poses cannot be understated”

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