Pilbara rental housing crisis

Pilbara Housing Crisis – Enough Reports – Action Needed

23 April 2013

Greens WA Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple MLC today blasted the Barnett/Grylls government over the escalating rental housing crisis in the Pilbara.

“The National Party banners in the recent election featured rows of gold coins – what a bitter irony, as they were a stark reminder to the everyday residents of the Pilbara of the levels to which rents have escalated in the wake of the mining boom, Mr Chapple said.

“Mr Grylls has been in power for nearly 5 years, while rents have now reached a prohibitive $2,000 per week.  As with the Pilbara waste issue – a big part of the solution is sensible planning of new developments, so that these problems don’t get to the crisis stage – yet there is none from this government.

“He is one of the lucky ones who could no doubt afford these rents – but even he has chosen to stay at home and FIFO to his new territory in the Pilbara.

“He would get a much better feel for life as a local battler if he was forking out thousands in rent.

“The Greens are the only party offering a clear way out of this mess.  Our detailed plan includes:

·         Provision for new housing before new resource developments begin

·         Build new public housing on vacant lots

·         Use Royalties for Regions on residential infrastructure

·         More land releases

·         Targeted Royalties for Regions mortgage relief

“While the Royalties for Regions program is championed by the current government as a provider of social infrastructure and regional amenities, renters in the Pilbara are less than impressed.

“I call on the Barnett-Grylls government to change the way they disperse these funds and acknowledge that the basic necessity – a roof over your head - is more important in the Pilbara than tennis courts and musical toilets”, Mr Chapple concluded.

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