Pilbara Councils go broke: American Corporations make millions

February 19, 2004 - The State Government's Burrup bungles continue with Syntroleum, the might-have-been American investor in the Burrup Industrial development plan, having returned to the US collecting windfall interest on $30 million dollars of Federal Government money.

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple said, 'Here we have Pilbara Councils going broke, and on the say-so of the State Government, the Federal Government has locked up $30 million taxpayer dollars, and is delivering the interest overseas'.

'What agreements or assurances has this State Government given to the Federal government that would make the Federal Government so flagrant with taxpayer money?' asked Mr Chapple.

'This developer, enlisted by the Gallop recruitment team, has no intention of following through- but they are keeping the money till August.

'By August the total cost to taxpayers is likely to be $15 million- that would go a very long way in the Pilbara- instead it is being delivered to overseas companies courtesy of the Geoff Gallop-John Howard team continued Mr Chapple.

'This money was meant for development in the Pilbara Region. This will make Pilbara Councillors, and Pilbara people very angry indeed, said Mr Chapple.

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