Other LNG Facilities and ports on Kimberley coast possible

Questions asked on the Browse (Land) Agreement Bill 2012 introduced by Brendan Gryllsinto parliament have revealed that other gas Hubs on the Kimberley coast are possible.

This is an appalling travesty of what the Kimberley community have been led to believe.

Answers now reveal that other LNG facilities can be developed along the coast if the gas comes from onshore rather than offshore fields.

A “The Browse (Land) Agreement does not preclude development along the Kimberly coast for purposes other than for those activities indicated in clause 8 of the Browse (Land) Agreement however it is this Government's policy that the Browse LNG Precinct will be developed as a single site for all LNG development on the Kimberley coastline.”

This answer refers to a current Government policy which has no legal stature and can be changed by this government and any future government at any time without reference to the signatories to this agreement.

It will now be imperative that this agreement contained in the Browse (Land) Agreement Bill 2012 be revisited to legally exclude other LNG facilities and ports being built to process gas from onshore fields along the Kimberley coast.

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8. Limitation of further LNG Development on the Kimberley Coastline

(a)     The State agrees not to:

(i)      operate, authorise or permit the operation of; or

(ii)     Grant any right, title, interest, approval or permission which would have the effect of authorising, a Gas Processing Facility located on the Kimberley Coastline but outside the LNG Precinct.

(b)     In paragraph (a), Gas Processing Facility means a facility for the liquefaction of Petroleum produced from any area seaward of the low watermark of themainland coast of Western Australia, but does not include:

(i)      any other facility which uses or refines Petroleum; or

(ii)     storage or transportation facilities.

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