Nuclear waste dump could set radioactive precedent

Wednesday, April 1

WA Greens spokesperson on uranium issues Robin Chapple MLC has expressed dismay at the willingness of several goldfields shires to host a nuclear waste dump.

Local governments and private landowners have until May 5 to voluntarily nominate sites for the Federal Government’s proposed nuclear waste dump facility.

Mr Chapple said local governments should seriously reconsider voluntarily nominating sites for a nuclear waste dump as it will set a dangerous precedent for Western Australia.

“There is significant public opposition to the uptake of anything nuclear-related in the state of Western Australia,” he said.

“A nuclear waste dump, along with the recent approval of several uranium mines throughout the state, will only contribute to the impression that WA is a nuclear-friendly state.

“We do not want to see these types of industries normalised here in WA; they are unsafe, they are toxic, and they are unnecessary.”

Mr Chapple said federal politicians and international groups had been lobbying for an international nuclear waste dump since the 1980s.

“If this proposal is successful it will put our state one step closer to hosting the nuclear garbage of the rest of the world,” he said.                   

“Short term economic benefits are not a good enough reason for Western Australia to become a dumping ground for the rest of the world’s nuclear waste.”

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