No conversation on closures after two years of planning

Thursday, May 7

The government’s plan for remote Aboriginal communities, reportedly in planning for the past two years, should have been a conversation first according to the WA Greens.

Greens member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC said the announcement yesterday was, more than anything, a backpedalling attempt to quell panic caused by the proposed closures.

“Having reviewed the Premier’s ‘hub and orbit’ model I am confident that it simply will not work,” he said.

“Whilst it may sound like reform in theory this central model was trialled in the 1960s and in practice found to be an abject failure.

“They are not changing their approach to remote Aboriginal communities they are just changing the delivery of their message.

“They keep mentioning consultations that should have been undertaken first, but are still yet to happen; this government needs to stop everything they are doing and start a conversation with Aboriginal people right across WA.”

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