New report shows that batteries can save millions of taxpayers’ dollars on grid maintenance

9 September, 2015

WA Greens Energy spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC said the state government should take note of new research into the potential benefits of combined solar and battery storage systems. 

A new report published by The Rocky Mountain Institute entitled, “The Economics of Load Defection” examines possible uses for solar photovoltaic (pv) systems and battery storage to optimize electricity grids and save money.

“This kind of research, though undertaken in the United States, has vast applications for Western Australia, where our grid is costing us millions of dollars a year to maintain and we have large amounts of sunshine," Mr Chapple said.

“This year alone the State Government will spend $1 billion on our electricity network; Capital expenditure on our grid and over supply of generation facilities are the reasons for the continuing hikes to our electricity prices.

“With solar and battery technology entering the market as early as the end of this year it might be that some customers choose to go it alone with the grid merely there for back up, potentially putting more pressure on households who will still rely on grid electricity.

“Unfortunately for West Australians, it seems that the Greens are the only party looking at the changing energy market and basing policy on new research. My office is working in conjunction with Senator Scott Ludlam’s to update Energy 2029 to include the impact of batteries and the rapidly declining costs of renewables.

“The Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute are also looking into the impact of solar and battery storage in an Australian, and West Australian, context which will provide invaluable policy insight to both consumers and legislators.

“It is critically important that our utilities and the state government get it right when it comes to integrating new technology."


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