Greens MLC Robin Chapple congratulates the Western Australian Government on its finalisation and release of the boundaries for the Camden Sound Marine Park, which provides protection for the northern section of the Kimberley humpback whale nursery. The Marine Park includes the largest sanctuary zone in WA waters.

“The announcement of the Marine Park is a step in the right direction for many of Western Australia’s threatened marine species. It shows significant foresight by this Government in the management of our natural environment and acknowledges the Kimberley as an area of high conservation value”, Mr Chapple said.

But this level of protection, while a positive step, still leaves the sustainability of marine life vulnerable to the industrialisation of the Kimberley.

“With Bauxite mining planned for Mitchell Falls; Uranium for Oobagooma; Copper for the Horizontal Waterfalls; the development of new ports and mines at Point Torment and the Woodside gas hub at James Price Point, we must not lose sight of the fact that our natural environment in the Kimberley could be irrevocably changed over the coming years, and the effect on our wildlife is as yet unknown”, Mr Chapple said.

“Our hope now is that the State Government will continue to demonstrate its commitment to the conservation of our marine wildlife by extending the areas under marine protection to include the Buccaneer Archipelago, Dugong and Talbot Bays and the Horizontal Waterfalls. This would truly signal a commitment to ensuring our natural heritage is retained for the benefit of future generations, and show that this Government can balance development and conservation without losing sight of the bigger picture”.

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