New Fisheries management- but no officers!

May 21, 2004 - Greens MLC Robin Chapple says the State Government's trumpeted Integrated Fisheries Management system – introduced at a cost of $830,000 will have little impact in the northern Pilbara because there are no fisheries officers in the region to monitor it.

“If the IFM strategy is the cornerstone of a $52 million fisheries budget we have problems as in the northern Pilbara at least it is like introducing a new law but having no police in the region to arrest people who break it.

“In response to recent Parliamentary questions the State Government admitted that it had no fisheries officers in Port Hedland.

“I strongly urge the State Government to provide, as a matter of urgency, fisheries officers to regularly and properly enforce regulations in this vital area of the State's fisheries.

“Given that the Pilbara has missed out completely on any fisheries programs in the budget, this seems unlikely.”

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