Murujuga - Burrup Peninsula vandalism confirmed by world peak body

September 25, 2003 - Western Australian Greens MLC Robin Chapple has welcomed the decision by the World Monument Fund (WMF) to list Murujuga - the Burrup Peninsula, as one of the 100 most threatened monuments on earth. 'It is vital confirmation that the Gallop Government has made a serious error of judgement in allowing heavy industry to locate within one of the world's most important cultural complexes.'

'This demonstrates the State Government's ignorant approach to protection of Murujuga,' Mr Chapple said. 'I urge the Government to take this expert body's advice and halt industrial development on the Peninsula before more damage is done.'

The WMF is the world's peak body charged with maintaining the integrity of global cultural properties. Murujuga is the first Australian site on the organisation's blacklist, the 'List of the 100 Most Threatened Monuments', for 2004/2005.

'The saddest thing about this announcement is that it was avoidable,' Mr Chapple said.

'If the Government gave a damn about the world heritage values of the site they would simply have sited industry at an alternative location such as the Maitland Industrial Estate just down the road. Instead, we have a process of sham consultation and the pretence of concern, while a small number of bureaucrats have been pushing ahead with no regard for the real damage that industry will do here. The rock art, terrace complexes, standing stones and other cultural landmarks of Murujuga deserve better than they are getting from Geoff Gallop.'

'The State Government stands condemned today,' Mr Chapple said. 'Their only reasonable course is to halt construction and review the employment status of the bureaucrats within the Office of Major Projects who made this happen.'

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