Mungada Ridge in Danger as Government Breaks Another Promise

WA Greens spokesperson on Environment issues and member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple MLC, today slammed the government’s cavalier disregard for keeping its promises.

“In 2009 the Barnett government, through its environment minister, gave an undertaking to set aside the Mungada Ridge, east of Geraldton, as a Class A reserve, so as to protect it from development.

“This was documented in EPA Report 1321 of April 2009 which included the claim that key environmental values would therefore be protected ‘in perpetuity’ – well, apparently, ‘in perpetuity’ means something else to this government!

“Under questioning from me, the new minister admitted in Parliament last week, a full four years after the original promise was made, that the process of reserve creation will now proceed only afterthe mining venture in the area has run its course.

“I’m flabbergasted – what in the dickens is going on?  Do we just have to get used to the idea that Class A reserves now exist just in some make-believe world, where when it suits the government they can be dug up and exported?

“The Mungada Ridge is home to many valuable unique and threatened species, which the government quite rightly judged to be of high conservation value and worthy of protection from mining.

“The government’s environmental and sustainability credentials are in tatters,” Mr Chapple said today. “This is an appalling situation, and the government deserves to be pilloried for this reckless about-face.

“The WA Greens will be investigating all avenues to make sure this grave error of judgment is reversed,” Mr Chapple concluded.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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