Minister’s adviser Hopkins caught again

11th June 2009 - The allegations that Mr. Derek Carew-Hopkins had acted inappropriately on behalf of Mr. Grylls in attacking DEC seem to be compounded by his comments in an email to the Industry Working Group.

On the 20th of March 2009 in a Department of Premier and Cabinet email Mr. Carew-Hopkins stated “If we, (the Industry Working Group), are proposing a ‘lead agency’ it is fundamental that the agency has sufficient powers to manage the approvals process without veto from other bodies [the EPA].

These comments emerge in response to an email from Tony Van Merwyck, in which he indicates that all other agencies, including the EPA should be advisory only in relation to the proposed decision-making authority.

  • For more information please contact Robin Chapple MLC on 0409 379 263
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