Libs out of time for local government election overhaul

5th August 2009 - Greens local government spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC says that the Government has run out of time to overhaul the way local government elections are decided before the coming October local government elections.

“The Liberal party is hoping to rush this Bill through so that the new vote counting system can be used in the next election – but that election is just 10 weeks away.”

“It will take 2 weeks at a minimum for the Bill to become law. This leaves the WA Electoral Commission with the impossible task of overhauling the existing system in 8 weeks at best.”

“Ballot paper templates have to be created, voter instructions have to be written, computer software has to be put in place and election officials have to be trained. There’s simply not enough time.”

“When it comes to local government elections, it is crucial that voters are well informed about how to cast their vote, and how that vote will be counted.”

“Making the change just before an election means that there is not enough time to properly inform voters that their votes will be counted differently in this election than in the last election.”

“It also means that local governments and election candidates have virtually no time at all to react to a change that is fundamental to the way local government elections are decided.” “Rushing the change though in this manner is unconscionable.”

“The Liberal party needs to wake up to the reality that there is just not enough time left to effectively change the voting system before the next election.”

“If parliament agrees to the changes, those changes should be introduced in a timely manner before the 2011 elections.”

  • For more information please contact Robin Chapple MLC on 0409 379 263
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