Lesson to be learnt from Victoria

Friday, 15 April

WA Greens Mining spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC said the government should learn from Victoria, who today announced coal mines in La Trobe Valley would be ordered to pay the full cost of rehabilitation over the next year.

“Environmental rehabilitation bonds for those coal mines are currently worth approximately 25% of the estimated value of rehabilitating those sites, very similar to the Unconditional performance bond system we had before the introduction of the MRF,” Mr Chapple said.

“Unlike WA however, the Victorian government appreciates the risk involved with those mines and is taking steps to ensure they are properly rehabilitated if and when those mines, or coal itself, are no longer viable.

“Meanwhile, we have done away with our bond system and replaced it with a levy of just one per cent; whilst other states move forwards, Western Australia moves further backward!

“In theory, the MRF is a fantastic system that can be drawn upon to deal with the more than 18,000 legacy and abandoned mine sites across the state.

“But it is fundamentally ineffective at dealing with environmental devastation and financial risk to taxpayers; active mine liability.”

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