Kimberley still at risk as Woodside halts JPP

Kimberley Risks Far From Settled Say Greens WA

Friday 12 April 2013

Greens WA Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple MLC, today urged caution during celebrations around Woodside’s canning of Premier Barnett’s controversial James Price Point (JPP) gas hub development.

“On this day of immense relief for some Traditional Owners, local residents and their supporters around the country, let’s not forget what challenges still remain ahead of us to ensure once-and-for-all that the Kimberley, as we know and love it, is saved for future generations,” Mr Chapple said.

“Mr Barnett was reported on ABC news this morning as saying Aboriginal people would now miss out on revenue.  If the government has tied provision of everyday services, which the rest of the state takes for granted, to funds derived from this project, then Aboriginal people should be outraged.

“Just yesterday, the Premier admitted to me in Parliament that the state will derive vast sums of money from the Browse gas royalties, in the order of 10 or more percent, no matter where the gas is processed – so let’s put to bed this notion that we must have a gas hub at JPP or locals will miss out.  What effrontery!

“Last year, Mr Barnett rushed into law a State Agreement Act allowing virtual open slather on activities at JPP –and this is now the real danger, because there is nothing stopping processing of onshore gas from fracking, large port development, and any number of other large-scale industries – subject only to agreement between the parties to the Act, with little or no Parliamentary scrutiny.

“The land acquisition is in place; the development of port infrastructure is approved; the workers camp has just been rubber-stamped by the Government’s Kimberley DAP; while we celebrate Woodside’s repudiation of this aspect of the Premier’s obsession, this is no time to let down our guard,” Mr Chapple warned.


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