Join the Dots - Another Temperature Record – Another Polluting Project

Greens WA spokesperson on Climate Change, Robin Chapple MLC today criticized the proposed resurrection of the Collie urea plant.

“This project, with its 3.4 million tonnes per annum of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, will singlehandedly increase WA’s total GHG emissions by a staggering 5% - and this in a period when we are supposedly working toward a reduction of at least 5% by 2020.

“Perth has just broken the record for the hottest April ever, on the heels of the hottest summer ever – it is beyond serious dispute now, that human-induced climate change is driving this trend towards continual high-temperature weather records.

“Our farmers are bemoaning dwindling rainfall, which is rendering large swathes of the wheatbelt non-viable.

“Yet here we have a state Premier who we are told today will work with the proponents to get the project off the ground.

“I had hoped that the four years which have now elapsed since this deal first turned sour, would have given the government time to reconsider their ‘business-as-usual’ approach to GHG emissions, but sadly, what has happened instead is a head-in-the-sand, not-our-problem response.

“Nationwide, the trend in emissions is finally showing a downturn from their highs of a couple of years ago, largely thanks to renewables.

“And yet WA powers on – the government leaves industry to run amok with emissions on new projects – even when their own EPA calls for some restraint.

“It’s been left to the Greens to show the way again, by developing ‘Energy 2029’ - our detailed plan for how to meet Western Australia’s south-west grid electricity demand entirely through energy efficiency, fuel-switching, and a range of renewable energy technologies that exist today.

Energy 2029 plan:

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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