Incinerator approval would incentivise waste, warn Greens

Wednesday, 9th January 2019

The WA Greens have warned that household waste incinerator plants in WA would have detrimental effects on the health of local residents and lock in a need to produce waste in order to sustain dirty energy production.

Greens waste spokesperson Robin Chapple said that incineration is the symptom of a State Government not committed to actually reducing the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

“The approval of incinerators means that a certain level of waste must be produced in order to sustain that company’s business model. We already have renewable energy sources in the pipeline, that are clean and reliable as well as cheap.

“Burning off waste destined for landfill isn’t even a short term band aid solution, it is a quick fix that will screw over local residents and lock in the current disastrous amount of waste we produce as a state.

“The Government has a chance to look meaningfully at our waste production and ensure that we divert as much as possible away from landfill and into the various recycling streams available. There are high quality WA jobs to be created if we genuinely look at tackling our waste output.

“We are very concerned that incineration to create dirty energy is incentivising and placing positive value on producing waste. That is the polar opposite of what we should be doing.”

Media Contact: Liam Carter – 0449 151 490

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