Greens welcome repeal of discriminatory laws governing Aboriginal deceased estates

Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC today congratulated the Indigenous Affairs Minister Peter Collier on his announcement of the State Government’s intention to reform Part IV of the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act 1972.

“This is a blatantly racist law that discriminates against Aboriginal people who die without a will,” Mr Chapple said.

“WA is the only state in which such a law exists.”

Mr Chapple said the matter first came to his notice earlier this year when work being done by the Arts Law Centre of Australia and the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC) in Fitzroy Crossing became public.

“KALACC and the Arts Law Centre are to be congratulated for bringing this matter to the State Government’s attention and to national prominence,” Mr Chapple said.

“It now begs the question of what will happen to the estates of Aboriginal people who now are deceased. Will their families now have the right to make a claim on their dead relative’s behalf and will this be subject to a sunset clause?

“It will be interesting to see what arrangements will be made during the transition period, as the law is reformed to bring it into line with similar legislation governing the rights of non-Aboriginal people.” Mr Chapple said.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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