Greens Welcome Premier’s Interest in Science

Greens WA spokesperson on Climate Change, Robin Chapple MLC, today applauded the Premier’s new-found commitment to scientific endeavour.

“I congratulate our two newest WA Fellows, Professor Carole Jackson and Professor Darlene Ketten, and welcome them to WA.

“I find it interesting that Mr Barnett has chosen to associate himself so closely with academic matters by appointing himself as Minister for Science.

“I trust that this new interest will quickly extend to WA science policy’s Elephant-in-the-room, which of course is climate change.

“Reversal of last year’s neutering of the government’s Climate Change Unit (CCU) should now be top of the agenda for the new Science Minister’s portfolio.  I urge Mr Barnett to immediately bring a reinvigorated CCU under his wing as Minister for Science.

“What was a well-resourced CCU of around a dozen eminently qualified people was whittled down to less than half, with almost no future funding. The Indian Ocean Climate Initiative was also allocated no forward funding.

“There is practically no allocation for climate change action funding from this state government. With WA being a world leader in per capita emissions, and the Premier’s pet development projects set to make matters worse, what an ideal time for WA to take the lead in this most important field.

“As the Premier said today, ‘the State’s economic success is intrinsically tied to our capacity and expertise in science’ – no more so, I suggest, than in the area of climate change.

“The Premier has also stated in Parliament that his government is committed to meeting the challenge of climate change.

“Now is the time for him to step up to the plate, stop shirking his responsibility by putting all the onus on the federal government, and use his current enthusiasm for things scientific to advance the state’s knowledge base about, and preparedness for, the unique difficulties which climate change will present our state.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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