Greens: WA Liberals still lack leadership on Container Deposit Legislation

Following debate today in the Upper House, Greens MLC Robin Chapple expressed his disappointment that the Liberal National government is not willing to take a leadership role and establish container deposit legislation in WA.

“Container deposit schemes are popular, because they work well. A scheme would lift containers from landfill and litter, to be recycled, creating jobs and growing the industry.

“Leadership is required from States on this issue – so that we can achieve an effective scheme here in WA, and across the country.

“Today the Liberal and National party’s refused to entertain Western Australian legislation. I’m disappointed that this government, despite the bluster about State rights, prefers to just leave this important issue to the Commonwealth, even though the federal process has been dragging on for years.

“I call on MPs in all parties to work together to develop the best container deposit scheme here in WA, and to show leadership here. If we implement scheme, we join South Australia and the Northern Territory – with a Bill in the Victorian Parliament as well – it sends a very clear message, that we want best practice recycling schemes implemented well across the country, said Mr Chapple.

“My Bill was released for consultation just this week, and I will continue to work across party lines to achieve the best outcome on this issue.

The Greens consultation bill is available at

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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