The Greens (WA) are hopeful DMP will reopen mining registrar offices

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Greens (WA) are hopeful that the threatened closures of eight regional mining registrar offices will be temporary.

Robin Chapple said he hoped the Department of Mines recognised the importance these offices have within the regions, not just for miners and prospectors but for the entire community who use the offices to register births, deaths and marriages.

“The ALP government need to stand by their word and recognise the importance of a high standard of service delivery in attracting people to our regions to improve and maintain a high standard of service delivery in regional communities,” Mr Chapple stated.

“It is not good enough that the Norseman office is closed because the government can’t attract workers to the regions or the Coolgardie office is closed because the government doesn’t have the funds to restore a building.

 “Strong, vibrant local shires and regional communities are integral to the sustainable development of our State, and the mining industry is significant to the economic stability of the entire State of WA.

“I call upon the McGowan government to ensure all of the regional offices are opened as soon as possible and are well supported to service the communities’ needs. It is just not good enough that Norseman residents will only be provided the service twice a month and have to travel to Kalgoorlie to do so.

“These offices are not just important for the mining sector but are a functioning part of regional communities,” he added. 

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