Greens reiterate call for live export ban following horror footage

The Greens (WA) have reiterated their longstanding call to end live exports after a 60 Minutes-Animals Australia expose showed shocking conditions on board a sheep ship due to leave Fremantle today.

“The footage from the Awassi Express’s voyage last August is horrifying and proves again that Australia can’t guarantee its laws and standards are upheld once ships leave our shores,” Ports Spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC said.

“There were clearly multiple breaches – the reported deaths of 2,400 sheep cannot be excused as being due to unusually warm weather.

“We know with increasing temperatures around the world associated with climate change that live exports are going to be more and more fraught with risk of cruelty to animals.

“Ultimately, there is only one solution to these recurring issues, which is to end live exports.

“Processing animals in Australia not only protects them from inhumane treatment and high temperatures, it will also support local industry and jobs.

“We now have an efficient operating abattoir on Yeeda Station in the Kimberley – this is the way of the future.”

Greens Agriculture Spokesperson Diane Evers MLC added that ending live exports could occur while retaining export markets, for example by ensuring cold storage facilities at foreign ports for receiving the meat.

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