Greens MP supports relocation of the Total Waste Management Plant

October 29, 2003 - Industry has a very important role to play in the Kalgoorlie Boulder Community but the health and amenity of Kalgoorlie-Boulder residents should not have to suffer at the expense of industry, Greens (WA) MLC Robin Chapple said today.

'I will be urging the state government to relocate Total Waste Management to a less intrusive location. TWM has quite recently applied to the State Government with a works approval application to build an evaporation pond which will effectively allow for more waste to be treated through the plant.'

'This will potentially bring about more odours for the residents of Kalgoorlie Boulder.'

The DEP in April 2003 sent a letter to TWM stating:

'Inspectors have been out to the site on a number of occasions since January 2003. It is the their opinion that odours have increased since the desludging operation commenced at the start of February. This correlates strongly with the increase in complaints regarding the site. Whilst it is acknowledged that public concern regarding Brookdale has heightened awareness in liquid waste treatment facilities, it is the inspectors view that the odour complaints are valid. Subsequently, it is the DEP's view that TWM is the main contributor to odours causing complaints in Boulder.'

'In view of TWM being identified as the main contributor to the odours causing complaints in Boulder, I urge any interested residents or persons affected to write to the Dept of Environment and the Minister asking them to refuse the works approval application for another evaporation pond, and to ask the State Government to urgently look at relocating the plant,' Mr Chapple said.

Even though TWM has a licence to treat 85,000 tonnes of waste, the regulator is of the view that the capacity of the site in Boulder is limited to between 20,000 and 45,000 tonnes. Therefore the current licence should only be issued by the Department with at least a 50 per cent reduction in licensed tonnage of waste so that both the site and plant capabilities are clearly reflected in the licence. Residents were recently shocked to discover that a very high proportion of the waste dumped at TWM is from the Metropolitan area.

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