Greens: Minister Collier’s feed in tariff cap kneecaps industry today

1 August 2011

Robin Chapple MLC, Greens spokesperson on Energy, today called on the State Government to set a fair price for renewable energy and stick with it.

“The Barnett government has chopped and changed policy –  moving from paying solar panel owners basically the same price as households paid for power, to paying 47 cents, then 27 cents from 1 July 2011, and now cutting back to only 7cents a Kilowatt hour fed into the grid.

“It’s just not feasible for the solar industry to continue to grow with a complete lack of certainty from government policy.

“This announcement today could see major job losses in the solar industry – just at a time when we should be growing this important part of WA’s economy.

“The Climate Institute predicts 4000 new jobs in renewable energy in WA to 2030, but not if government policy keeps kneecapping the industry.

“I call on Minister Collier to meet with the sustainable energy industry, and agree on a fair transition plan, while the government moves to set a fair price.

“The Minister argued the 40c rate needed to be cut to 20c so it could be sustainable, it’s just laughable that the 20c rate is now cut to 7c after only 5 weeks.

“A vibrant renewable energy industry is crucial for WA to move to sustainable energy supplies.

“West Australians are clearly supportive of the industry – with record installations of roof top solar panels. This government is out of touch with the community, when they fail to support the solar industry,” Mr Chapple added.

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