Greens launch legislation for container deposits – 10c to recycle cans and bottles

Greens MP Robin Chapple has today released his private member’s bill to bring in 10c deposits on cans and bottles.

“Our straightforward container deposit scheme will give West Australians an easy way to recycle cans and bottles. Drink companies will pay a 10c levy on each can, bottle or carton, and then the consumer can claim the deposit back when recycling the container.

“Western Australia has the worst rates of recycling in the country – and we’ve seen the success of container deposit schemes here previously, and in other states and countries. 

“This scheme also helps fund community groups – with reverse vending machines where people can nominate a charity to receive their 10c if they prefer.

“Local Councils also receive significant benefits through the scheme – funding better recycling and waste management programs across the state.

Greens MPs in Victoria, New South Wales and in the Senate have all moved to introduce the container deposit schemes – it’s such a simple and effective way to get recycling happening.

“South Australia and the Northern Territory have already got container deposit schemes – lets get one started in WA and send a clear message to the Federal government that a national scheme should be in place.

Mr Chapple is seeking public comment on the Bill and will continue to pressure the state and federal governments for best practice recycling schemes to be established.

The Consultation Bill and further information is available at:

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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