Greens: Government failure to regulate miners is key to WA’s success in miners favourite’s list.

1 March 2012

“Today Minister Moore crows about a Fraser Institute survey of Mining companies pleased with the investment environment in WA, but the Fraser Institute has ignored the Auditor General’s 2011 Report “Ensuring Compliance with Conditions on Mining” that shows this favourable investment environment is built on the government’s regulatory failure, said Mr Chapple, Greens MLC and spokesperson on Mining.

“The government’s regulatory failure is placing workers lives at risk with poor safety inspections, the environmental regulators don’t have the resources to check if miners are complying with environmental conditions, and the heritage regulation is so poor that sites are being destroyed before the department takes action.

“While mining companies may find this a “favourable environment”, it’s not good enough for the people of Western Australia.

“There is nothing for this government to be proud of in these results, they’ve curried favour with the mining companies at the expense of our safety, environment and heritage.

“The Auditor General’s report into mining compliance is a much better reflection of the reality of mining in WA, and the government should focus on addressing the serious flaws raised in that report. The Auditor General concluded that current practice does not provide overall assurance on compliance with conditions, and that while financial returns are well managed, environmental and social returns are not well monitored.


For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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