Greens: Energy Minister must not make bad situation worse.

Greens Energy spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC has called on the government to address the problems in Synergy quickly – and put decent energy policy in place for the State.

“The government’s stop-start mishandling of the solar energy funding has been disappointing to say the least – and the administrative bungles over the cap don’t help.  Faced with this problem, the important message for the Minister is not to make a bad situation worse.

“The kneejerk response of axing the solar feed in tariff is poor policy. Solar energy is now paid at 7c per KwHr, whereas you and I have to pay 21c for power. It’s clearly not a fair price for solar. 

“To continue without a fair price for solar energy only makes the situation worse – as the jobs gained by the industry stimulus are shed because the government dropped the solar price from 47c to 7c in the course of 5 weeks.

“We need good policy to clean up this administrative mess – and ensure that WA has secure, reliable, clean energy into the future.

“The greater than expected take up of solar panels reflects the public’s enthusiasm for renewable energy.  To have secure energy into the future we need to be expanding our renewable energy generation, and reducing our reliance on carbon intensive coral fired power stations.

“Rather than bungling and axing policies, the government needs to set a fair price for solar energy, and stick with it, so the industry can continue to grow – generating local jobs as it generates clean energy.

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255



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