Greens: Electors must be heard whenever councils are abolished.


Tue, 18/02/2014

I have today tabled an amendment to stop the Barnett Government from gutting the intent of the Dadour powers which give the community the right to vote on local government mergers.

Local electors can currently veto a proposed merger. They cannot veto boundary changes. Minister Simpson has proposed to use boundary changes deceitfully to achieve mergers.

This enables the government to achieve their goal of council mergers by calling them “boundary changes” avoiding the community veto right.

“It is in my view unethical and potentially breaching the intent of the Local Government Act 1995 to abolish councils and not hear the people who live in the area.

“My amendment will clarify that electors retain their opportunity to be heard through a petition and a poll even if only one council is abolished and the other takes over via boundary change.”

Democracy must prevail.”

The Local Government Amendment Act will be debated in the Legislative Council over the next few days.

The Minister talks about structural viability instead of social, cultural and financial viability, but confirms at the same time that the local governments are to be responsible to the needs of the community today and in future.

For more information please contact:  Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255


Western Australia

Legislative Council

Amendments and Schedules

Supplementary Notice Paper No. 32

Issue No. 1

TUESDAY, 18 February 2014


Local Government Amendment Bill 2013 [32-2]

When in committee on the Local Government Amendment Bill 2013:


New Clause 16A

Hon Robin Chapple: To move –

Page 12, after line 13 — To insert —


16A.       Schedule 2.1 clause 8 amended

              In Schedule 2.1 clause 8(1) delete “2” and insert:


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