Greens Call on State Government to Get Serious on Renewable Energy


Robin Chapple, the Greens WA spokesperson for Energy called on the State Government to develop a plan for renewable energy in Western Australia.

Mr Chapple moved a motion today in Parliament that called on the government to provide information on how it sees renewables as an economic option; and what weighting it puts on renewables to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

‘The Barnett government has a climate change strategy that doesn’t have an emissions reduction target, and a 20 year energy plan that locks us into a fossil future,’ explained Mr Chapple.

‘I recently asked questions in Parliament regarding the government’s Electricity Market Review and how renewables fit. The answers were evasive.’

‘The transition to renewables is urgent, but possible: the only barrier to a massive increase in clean energy here in Western Australia is political inertia,’ he added.

Mr Chapple’s motion on renewable energy was endorsed by Minister Collier.

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