Greens call to action on World Environment Day

On the eve of World Environment Day, the Greens WA identify three priorities to protect our state’s unique environment.

“The Greens have been working hard on protecting coastal environments from the twin threats of climate change and uncontrolled development,” Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said.

“In this session of Parliament, I will be introducing my Climate Change Readiness Bill which would lead to the identification of vulnerable coastal areas and strengthen protection measures through local coastal plans. I’ve consulted extensively, including with local governments, who have the most to lose if we don’t revitalise our planning regimes in WA.”

Energy spokesperson MLC Robin Chapple repeated his call for the state government to develop plans to mitigate and reduce the State’s spiralling CO2 emissions.

“WA is on target to triple our Kyoto commitment. Something has to be done,” pleaded Mr Chapple, “this Government has dropped the ball.”

“The Greens also want to see immediate statutory protection to threatened ecological communities identified in any new Biodiversity Act. We will be carefully examining new draft laws on wildlife and biodiversity to make sure they meet 2013 standards of conservation,” said Ms MacLaren.

“The Greens have slammed the Environment Minister for failing to finalise the draft Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for WA. They believe the strategy should include a Comprehensive Adequate Representative reserve system with linkages across all bioregions.

“Only the Greens’ model for biodiversity conservation ticks all the boxes – it has increased penalties for breaches of land clearing principles, shapes planning decisions, is science-based, is well-funded and is overseen by an independent body.

For more information please contact:

Robin Chapple MLC 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

Lynn MacLaren MLC 0403 721 951

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