Government should remember promise to help Broome’s homeless

Monday, 18 May

Greens member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC has reminded the Government of their promise to address homelessness in Broome.

After a Four Corners story exploring Colin Barnett’s threats of Remote Community closures aired recently, the spotlight moved to Broome and its homelessness epidemic.

“A short stay Visitors Centre was promised to be built in Broome 5 years ago, but the construction fell apart due to disagreements over the location of the building,” Mr Chapple said.

“Nothing has been done since the proposal fell through, the $13 million set aside for Broome was moved to Derby and Kalgoorlie, leaving no means with which to house Broome itinerants.

“The government set out trying to solve a problem but left when it got too hard, and it seems they haven’t done anything to address it since.

“Hopefully the Four Corners program will have reminded people that the problem was never fixed and, if the proposed closures of remote communities goes ahead, it will only get worse.

“Short stay Visitor Centres are alcohol-free, family friendly sites that can cater to a high number of people for up to a few months and includes meals and access to support services.

“A centre like this would be truly beneficial for the more that 100 homeless people in Broome.”

For comment please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255.

Media liaison: Tim Oliver // 0431 9696 25          

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