Government response to fracking inquiry reeks of industry bias

Thursday, March 17

WA Greens Mines and Petroleum spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC said he was extremely disappointed by the government’s response to a parliamentary inquiry on fracking.

“The government has taken an already weak, and in my opinion inadequate, set of recommendations from committee and effectively rendered them useless,” Mr Chapple said.

“Western Australia is in a unique position where we can take advantage of other experiences in regulating the hydraulic fracturing industry, and learn from the plethora of mistakes that have been made in other parts of Australia and indeed, around the world.

“It is disappointing, and in fact terrifying, to learn that this government is then willing to bat for this industry without any kind of willingness to ensure we do not make the same mistakes.

“In particular I am shocked with the government’s failure to support recommendation 3, requiring the Department of Mines and Petroleum to refer all fracking proposals on the Environmental Protection Agency.

“But also disheartened by failure to support recommendations protecting landowner’s rights, and banning the use of BTEX chemicals in the hydraulic fracturing process.

“It’s 2016; we should be focusing on energy alternatives and divestment from fossil fuels

“The WA Greens do not support hydraulic fracturing for unconventional gas in Western Australia in the current legislative environment and would like to see greater consideration of the implications of this industry for our state and our future.”

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