Government must keep Shell away from Ningaloo

Oil and gas exploration should not be permitted near Ningaloo Reef under any circumstances, Greens MLC Robin Chapple said today.

“While I am not surprised that Shell has the nerve to propose drilling near an environmental jewel like Ningaloo, I expect the State Government to warn Shell off this proposal from the start,” Mr. Chapple said.

Mr. Chapple was responding to a proposal from Royal Dutch Shell to explore for oil and gas in close proximity to Ningaloo Marine Park.

“I do not have a shred of trust that a company with Shell’s record would take adequate measures to protect the conservation area.”

“In fact, there are no measures or regulations in existence that would one hundred percent guarantee no spills or other incidents from exploration drilling.

“As we have seen time and time again in the oil and gas industry, it only takes one accident to create an environmental catastrophe.  At the distance Shell proposes to drill, any accident will inevitably impact on Ningaloo.”

“This is one of those cases where our weak State environmental processes shouldn’t even be necessary: the Barnett Government should kill this proposal right now.”

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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