Fracking experiences are truth, not scare tactics

Thursday, 21 April

WA Greens spokesperson on Mining and Petroleum Robin Chapple MLC said he supported farmers and communities across WA “100 per cent” in their opposition to fracking.

“The WA Greens always have been and always will be opposed to the practice of hydraulic fracturing for gas, anywhere and at any time,” Mr Chapple said.

“A moratorium as proposed by the Labor Party is only a delay, or a temporary suspension of fracking in Western Australia; I ask the Labor party ‘a delay until what?’ If anyone were to look at their public record, much like the incumbent government, the Labor party have a strong history of supporting unconventional gas in Western Australia.

“I went to an incredible, thought-provoking presentation last night by a man from Wyoming, USA; a rancher by the name of John Fenton who has been living, not by choice, in the midst of an unconventional gas field.

“He detailed the challenges his family have faced trying to continue farming with unwanted gas fracking operations on their property including sickness, widespread water contamination and diminished rights to do anything except plead for measly compensation.

“If Western Australia goes down this path then the concerns of farmers in the Mid-west and South-West and pastoralists in the Canning Basin in the Kimberley, will be vindicated.

“We absolutely cannot let this destructive industry flourish in our state, particularly in our most fertile food-growing areas and fragile ecosystems.

“Rather than dismiss the lived experiences of people like John Fenton as ‘scare tactics’ I would urge this government to have some humanity and accept the overwhelming evidence about this industry and the horror that comes with it.”

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