Fracking ban to protect the Kimberley’s precious places: Greens

Friday, 27 January
Liz Vaughan, Greens candidate for the Kimberley, is calling for a ban on fracking and unconventional gas across the region saying the risks of pollution to the Fitzroy River, Roebuck Plains, town drinking water supplies and tourism hotspots like Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek is too high.
“Gas fracking has been shown to contaminate water with toxic chemicals, once they’re in the system there’s no way of cleaning them up. People rely on clean, freshwater across the Kimberley not just to drink but also because it’s essential to keep species like Barramundi and Cherabin healthy,”
“I’d like to call on the other parties to clarify their position on fracking because people across the region are very concerned and want to know who to vote for to protect their water and their country; they need to spell out their position.
“The Nationals have declared they support veto rights for farmers, but have not extended this support to Traditional owners. Labor have declared they want a moratorium for more research into the practice, despite overwhelming evidence on the dangers of this industry, and will only support a ban in the South West.
“The WA Greens are the only party who recognise that this risky, polluting and unnecessary industry is a threat to our water, our country and the future of our precious places; the WA Greens support a total ban on fracking and unconventional gas in the Kimberley, and across WA.
“The Kimberley has one of the world’s most intact landscapes and the oldest living culture. The industry of the future for the Kimberley is tourism and we should be doing everything we can to ensure that we protect what we have, and invest in its future as the Kimberley.
“Industry reports state there is potential for more than 40,000 gas fracking wells in the region. This would threaten our reputation as an environmental and cultural tourism destination – the last great untouched wilderness - and be a disaster for industries trading on environmentally friendly products and this image of the Kimberley.”
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