Finally the Barnett Government moves to ban sun beds

27 November, 2014

Greens Member of Parliament, Robin Chapple congratulates the Premier Colin Barnett for finally stepping in to ban sun beds in WA.

“This delay in action in WA by the Barnett Government despite the health impacts being known for years has put people’s health at risk, Mr Chapple said.

“According to the Cancer Council, in WA from 2008 to 2012, 81 cases of melanoma were diagnosed in people aged 15-29, he added.

“In 2008 the Radiation Health Committee, on which I served and comprised of radiation health experts from each State and Territory, looked at the health effects of using solariums and the options of regulating the use of solaria”, Mr Chapple said.

“Back then, we had concluded that these beds needed to be phased out as the health costs to the Nation were too great.

“It is unfortunate that the WA Government has consistently been scared of stepping on anyone’s toes, and would rather support growing investment in the tanning industry than the health of Western Australians, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of how harmful this industry is. 

“I wish to acknowledge the incredible work and persistence by the Australian Medical Association and the Cancer Council in getting these incredibly dangerous machines banned,” Mr Chapple concluded.

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