October 30, 2003 - Greens MLC, Robin Chapple, today condemned the Premier for his total lack of support to the Government's recent public commitment to a 'sustainable future'.

'How can the Premier Fly In Fly Out from Perth to a purpose built airstrip and support BHP Billiton's New Mining Area C, when BHP made a decision not to base the 116 workers and their families in Newman?', said Mr Chapple.

'It is an insult to all those families in Newman', he said. Newman's population has dwindled significantly over the past 10 years to around 3,500 in 2003.

How is the Government's support for the sustainability of local infrastructure in Newman being achieved, when the Premier supports FIFO operations such as this one? said Mr Chapple.

'Mining companies must show regional responsibility by developing regions, increasing local employment, increasing regional jobs and business opportunities. To do any less is abdicating their social responsibility.

The Premier, FIFO'ing from Perth directly to a purpose built airstrip for the Mine shows a total lack of support for his own Government's recent commitment. Actions speak louder than words' said, Mr Chapple.

'Where is the Government's support for the community of Newman'?

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