Environment Minister must protect Helena Aurora Range from Mining: Greens

Friday, 24 November 2017

The Greens (WA) spokesperson for the Environment, Robin Chapple MLC welcomed today the Environment Minister’s decision to dismiss the industries appeals against the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) assessment on a proposal to mine iron ore in the Helena-Aurora Range.

“It is encouraging that the Minister for Environment found the EPA's assessment to be rigorous and comprehensive, and to mine for iron ore deposits within the Helena-Aurora Range as environmentally unacceptable, Mr Chapple said.

In 2014, the EPA recognised the Greater Western Woodlands as a biodiversity hotspot and a sanctuary for a number of species found nowhere else on earth – but this advice was ignored by the former government.

It is time for the Environment Minister to protect this incredible feature of our environment and to give the Helena Aurora Range Class A, National Park status. ”

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