Electricity reform and the north-west

November 21, 2003 - Greens (WA) energy spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC will be visiting Newman and South Hedland to speak to the community on the prospects of electricity reform and the breakup of Western Power.

“I am extremely concerned that splitting Western Power into four different businesses could have serious consequences for regional areas and end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars,' Mr Chapple said. “The Government is concentrating on the South-West Interconnected System and has not really addressed how regional areas will be served by the new arrangements.'

In some other states and countries, disaggregating state-owned power utilities has led to extreme price volatility, unreliable supply, and higher prices for residential customers.

Climate change issues pose an enormous threat to the North-West, but they have been largely sidelined by the Government. The CSIRO has predicted temperature rises of up to 7 o for the Pilbara, a sobering thought given it only takes a 1 o rise to kill coral reefs and cause shifts in vegetation patterns.

The real priorities of electricity supply - providing reliable, environmentally friendly energy services, have been ignored.

Mr Chapple will present the Greens (WA) position paper on electricity reform at the following public meetings and is keen to hear the views of the community.


Sunday 23 November 7.30pm

Seasons Hotel Seminar Centre, Newman Drive


South Hedland

Wednesday 26 November 6.30pm

Finucane Island Club, South Hedland

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