Desperate fossil fuel industry calls for investment in transition

Thursday, 8 October

WA Greens spokesperson for Energy Robin Chapple MLC has dismissed comments by Shell CEO Ben van Beurden overnight, speaking at the annual Oil and Money conference in London, as desperate.

“We don’t need to be ‘finding economic ways’ of investing in an energy transition because that process is well and truly happening,” Mr Chapple said.

“If we simply invest now in the energy revolution that is happening around the world then we will see the economic benefits very rapidly.

“Engaging in this kind of discussion simply confuses the debate and allows the fossil fuel industry to keep pushing its agenda which is, of course, to keep the world running on fossil fuels.”

Mr Chapple said for Australia in particular, Mr Van Beurden’s keynote was largely irrelevant.

“Whilst I agree with some of the sentiment regarding a price on carbon, gas is simply another fossil fuel and not a transitional energy source so why go down that path when there are already better options?” he said.

“The possibilities for renewable energy in Australia are endless and we are already seeing heavy industry bypassing traditional methods and opting to produce their own clean energy.

“Desperately trying to cling onto a reason for being, these fossil fuel dinosaurs are becoming more and more transparent every time they open their mouth.”

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