Cotton decision presents an opportunity

July 4, 2004 - Greens (WA) MLC Robin Chapple has welcomed Minister Clive Brown's decision not to renew the Memorandum of Understanding with WAI for the controversial West Kimberley cotton proposal.

‘I congratulate the Traditional Owners of the land and their supporters for standing strong and forcing the Government to back down,' Mr Chapple said this afternoon.

‘This is a huge slap in the face for the Office of Major Projects, which has been single-mindedly backing this project for years,' Mr Chapple said. ‘The Minister has done a brave thing in standing up to this powerful and unaccountable Department.'

‘Its time the Government took a long hard look at the Office of Major Projects, because sometimes I can't tell whether its the Department or the Government actually running this state.'

‘Both the Government and WAI are refusing to say that the project is dead in the water, but the time has clearly come for John Logan to live up to his promise. He said if the Traditional Owners of the country didn't want that kind of development he'd walk away.'

‘It's time for Mr Logan to hit the road.'

‘The worst thing that could happen would be if this is just a ploy to defuse the issue prior to the State Election.'

‘I call on the Government to go back and read the sustainability strategy, and then withdraw its support from genetically modified cotton in the Kimberley once and for all.'

‘With this misconceived mega-project out of the way we have a real opportunity to find out what kind of development is appropriate for the West Kimberley. The first step in this process should be meaningful engagement with the people who live in the area and are responsible for country.'

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