Collier's Solar Waffle leaves bad taste for renewables industry: Greens

8th May 2010 - Greens MLC Robin Chapple today attended the launch of the WA Central Institute of Technology’s solar power system, the first phase of the Perth Solar City program.  

 Mr. Chapple said that while he welcomed the initiation of Solar Cities as an “important showcase project” for renewable energy. However he warned “this will remain a showcase without a structural shift in how the State and Commonwealth governments approach the burgeoning renewable market.”

 “I think this project is great, however it is very small-scale and just a fraction of what Australian entrepreneurs and innovators in the renewable sector are capable of providing right now,” Mr. Chapple said.

 “I was quite amused, given this Government’s complete lack of imagination or enthusiasm for real reform of the energy sector, to see Minister Collier take to the stage and waffle about the importance of energy conservation and renewable energy.”

 “He has the language down to a tee.   However he has no clue, and no interest in the structural reforms that are vital to create a level playing field in the energy market.”

 “He has already cheated Western Australian homeowners out of a fair deal for rooftop solar and he has indicated no interest in allowing fair competition from the renewables sector. “

 Mr. Chapple said that dirty energy providers would maintain the edge over renewable providers “to the bitter, polluted, energy-depleted end” unless current tariff arrangements favouring the fossil energy were phased out.  He said he saw little chance of this occurring under the Liberal-National government.

 “This is the party of free enterprise and individual opportunity propping up anti-competitive, dead-end fossil providers to the detriment of a burgeoning entrepreneurial market with incredible long term dividends.”

 “I emphasise my support for the initiative launched today.  But this is 2010.  Had we had real energy leadership from the past decade of governments, we’d be rolling out large scale renewable energy generation by now.”

  • Media Contact: Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255
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