Barrick and Newmont should use or lose tenements: Greens

Greens MLC Robin Chapple has called upon both Barrick and Newmont to be more transparent and fair with their workers and the wider community.

“I understand that a large number of the workers are calling for an even time roster,” Mr. Chapple said.

“I support the workers’ call for an even time roster with at the very least the same level of remuneration. Both of these companies should be doing everything possible to retain good workers and provide them with a quality of life with an even time roster, good remuneration as an incentive to stay in Kalgoorlie Boulder.”

Barrick and Newmont have known gold resources north of the current Super pit and with previous owners of subsidiary companies in the early nineties had intentions/plans to mine the Phar Lap, Milanese, and Lucknow open cuts in the vicinity of the Microwave tower and Mt Charlotte.  These proposed open cuts, along with the Mt Gledden, Hidden Treasure, Sunrise, Fairplay, Sons of Gwalia, Westralia Lode, Charlotte Fault, Golden Dream, gold resources have the potential to provide another 10-20 years mine life beyond 2021 to the super pit mining operations.

“This will provide enormous confidence to the Kalgoorlie Boulder community and region generally. Another advantage is these appear to be oxide resources, rather than deep resources greater than 400 metres deep at the southern end of the super pit and obviously cheaper to mine.”

“As far back as 1989 the government produced a conceptual plan for the Golden Mile Super Pit operations which refers to some of these ore bodies, stating that “Additional small pits will be located between the Microwave tower and the Mt Charlotte operation”.
“At the time in question these open cuts referred to were drilled only to relatively short depths, as many other open cuts were at the time. It would appear that the mineralisation in the area clearly extends to greater depths.”

“Barrick and Newmont in my view have the capacity through the development of these substantial known gold resources to provide for an extra crew for the workers to help support an even time roster and still maintain high levels of gold production and profitability.”

“This might even bring about an upgrade of the capacity of the Fimiston mill which will result in further substantial capital expenditure and flow on effects for employment in the region. I call upon Barrick and Newmont to  heavily accelerate and increase the level of exploration dollars in this area to increase on what is already known from 20 years prior as very good if not excellent gold resources in the area.”

“Unfortunately KCGM, the manager for Barrick and Newmont has a poor track record when it comes to being transparent with the community.  It is now time for both Barrick and Newmont to lift the bar in this regard.”

“If Barrick and Newmont via KCGM claim that the above resources are uneconomic, I have some simple advice for them: drop the ground with the tenements and allow another company to peg/mine and develop them to the benefit of the wider community.”

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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